Appreciation Cards

Amen Ra Expressions was created to get people all over the world in the habit of giving & showing appreciation. There's no better way to say a special "Thank you I appreciate you" to your clients, customers, employees, organizations, friends, family and church members than with our beautiful unique appreciation cards!

Amen Ra Expressions offers:

Individual Appreciation Cards & Envelopes ~ $1.75

Boxed Appreciation Cards ~ $14.99
Each box contains:
10 Appreciation Cards
10 Envelopes and
1 Appreciation Retention Sheet (for you to keep track of what card you sent out and to whom)

*Amen Ra Expressions Appreciation Cards are intentionally left blank on the inside for you to express your own personal words of appreciation. 

*All Appreciation Cards are 6X9 x 4.5X6 (A6)

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