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Qwuan Nubian Enterprises the parent company of Qwuan Nubian Expressions was created in 1997 in Silver Spring, MD to uplift the conscious level of people all over the world through the combination of Appreciation Cards and various business ventures; we aimed to help people achieve wealth of mind, body, and spirit.

Qwuan Nubian Epressions have sold thousands of Appreciation Cards by way of friends, family, and through expos and vending events.  Now we are going in a new direction so we have revamp, rename, and re-launched our new company Amen Ra Expressions at AmenRaExpressions.com on August 13, 2010.

Amen Ra Expressions based out of Connecticut is a family own business that was created to continue the vision of Qwuan Nubian Enterprises and to get people all over the world in the habit of giving & showing appreciation. There's no better way to say a special "Thank you!" to your clients, customers, employees, organizations, friends, family and church members than with our beautiful unique appreciation cards! 

Think about how great you would feel receiving an "Appreciation Card" in the mail...no special reason other than someone was showing their appreciation, or thanking you for being in their life, contributing to their Business, organization, or church etc...

Well we at Amen Ra Expressions believes there's no better way to say Thank you. 
Come on and join Amen Ra Expressions and the rest of the world by getting in the spirit of giving from the heart...not because you are looking to get something in return, but because you are Love.  So place your order now and send that special appreciation card today!

At Amen Ra Expressions we not only want to get the world into the habit of showing appreciation, but we are also very passionate about featuring, promoting and supporting other Artist/Business Owners/Entrepreneurs through “Big Tings A Gwan” and “Shop With Who You Know”.  So please be sure to stop by and join us in supporting the wonderful people that are featured at “Big Tings A Gwan” and “Shop With Who You Know”.

Blessings to you champion!

*Amen Ra Expressions Appreciation Cards are intentionally left blank on the inside for you to express your own personal words of appreciation.

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